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Olyns is your complete turnkey container recycling solution.

Olyns is more than just an RVM.

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Turnkey Recycling Solution

> Installation & maintenance
> Material collection & transport
> Customer support
> State certification*
> Compliance reporting*
> Bottle Bill deposit refunds*

* in bottle bill states
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Earn Advertising Revenue

The biggest brands advertise on Olyns' 55-inch screens.

This ad revenue is shared with Site Partners to offset the cost of container recycling.

Site Partners also get a share of screen time on the Cubes they host.

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Small Cube. Big Impact.

> Collects, sorts and crushes beverage containers
> Accepts plastic, aluminum, and glass
> Holds thousands of containers in 3 separate bins
> Embedded compactor for plastic and aluminum
>  Footprint of only 12 sq. ft.

Grocery executives love Olyns' container recycling solution

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