Rethinking Recycling

Recycling in the US is broken. In most states, the recycling rate for beverage bottles is lower than 5%.
What happens to the other 95%? It ends up in landfills, or worse, in rivers and oceans. In addition to littering the environment, entering the food chain, and harming wildlife there is a significant greenhouse gas impact caused by all this waste.
Olyns is attacking this problem head on by going after the two primary reasons we collectively don’t recycle more - a lack of convenience and not enough incentive.
Our mission is to drastically reduce the amount of beverage containers going to waste as well as to shift the perception of these recyclables from garbage to valuable resource!

For Consumers

Make recycling easy, convenient, and rewarding!


For Host Locations

Provide a valued service that will draw the right attention and provide ROI for your space!


For Brands

Be part of the solution and not the problem. Connect with consumers to change the game with single use beverage containers!

Olyns Box

A convenient way to recycle

Clean, modern, easy. Olyns Containers are the collectors in your communities that make the Olyns system work.



Clean, easy, and convenient. Recycle where it works for you, be rewarded for your action, and see the impact of the good you are doing! Touchless sign in and advanced AI makes depositing painless.



Olyns Containers don’t look like your father’s recycling bins! Brands can support the next wave of recycling and connect with consumers on a meaningful level.



An Olyns Container located on site adds value. The units are engineered to be low maintenance and clean. You can provide an important service to your visitors and benefit from having the Olyns Container onsite.

Feel good about doing the right thing

Coming soon...

The Olyns app is the key to unlock the value of your deposits with Olyns Container machines. Install the app, swipe a phone by an Olyns Container, have your good deeds credited!


Get smart about the impacts of how you recycle and what you consume. The Olyns App curates news and opinion pieces to make sense of the state of reuse and recycling.



Be rewarded for the deposits you make with the Olyns system. The more deposits you make, the more you earn.



Track the impact of the good you do and join in challenges to encourage yourself and others to do more! See how much carbon, plastic and aluminum you're diverting!



Join in a community of like-minded citizens who care about the neighborhoods we live in and want to do the right thing by the planet.

Sponsorship from:

Pepsico Recycling