Olyns FAQ

How do I use the Olyns Cube?

The Olyns Cube was designed to be a convenient and touchless experience for our users.  To use Olyns and get your CA CRV deposits back through Paypal credit, please follow these steps:

1. Download and install the Olyns App on your phone. You can get it from the Google Play or the Apple App Store -just search for Olyns. You can also get the app by scanning the QR code on the Olyns Cube.

2. Create an account in the Olyns App.  Be sure to complete the email verification step to activate your account.

3. Add the Olyns card to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Sign into the Olyns app and follow the instructions to add the Olyns card to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. This is how we know who you are when you sign in to the Olyns Cube, so we can credit your account with your CA CRV deposits.

4. Sign in at the Olyns Cube before you deposit containers. When you go to the Olyns Cube to deposit CA-CRV containers, sign in by holding your phone up to the NFC logo above the deposit opening. You may need to use FaceID, PIN, or Thumbprint ID on your phone to open the Olyns card.  You do NOT need to be in the app to sign in.  When you're signed in you'll see your name on the Olyns Cube in the small screen above the deposit opening.

5. Deposit your CA CRV  beverage containers into the Olyns Cube. Your CA CRV deposit refunds will automatically be credited to your account in the Olyns App.

6. Cash Out anytime. When you're ready to cash out, pick the "Cash Out" button in the Olyns app, and your total balance will be transferred to your Paypal account.

Watch our short How to video here:

How to Olyns!

What happens to the cans and bottles I place into the Olyns Cube?

Olyns or one of our partners empties the Olyns Cube when it is filling up. The Olyns Cube separates deposits by type and compresses them.  We then take these materials directly to a processor where they will be recycled for re-use in new products.  Unlike "blue bin" recycling, Olyns keeps the materials segregated and clean so we are able to ensure that an extremely high percentage of deposits are recycled. With Olyns, you can rest assured that the containers you deposit will not end up in landfill or be incinerated.

How do you know if the Olyns Cube is jammed or full?

You can check your Olyns App for real time Cube status. Tap "Find Olyns" to see the % fill level and availability of each Cube location.

The Olyns Cube is in constant communication to the backend at Olyns HQ so our engineers can monitor various functions, including maintenance issues and fill levels. That said, we always appreciate your feedback, so feel free to shoot us a note at info@olyns.com if you notice something amiss.

How do I get paid out with Olyns?

In the Olyns App select "Cash Out" next to your account balance.  Olyns will transfer your balance into your Paypal account under the same email address you used when you signed up for Olyns.  Check the email account you used to sign up for Olyns and you will see confirmation of the money transfer.

What if I don't have a Paypal account? 

When you select "Cash Out", Paypal will prompt you with easy steps to set up a Paypal account. It takes less than a minute to set up, and only requires your email address. Funds are transferred within minutes of account set up. Note: Use the same email for Paypal as you used to set up your Olyns Account.

Where are Olyns Cubes located?

For Olyns Cube locations, please go to the Olyns App and tap on "Find Olyns". Alternatively, check the Users Section of the Olyns website.

What materials do you accept?
Olyns machines accept CA CRV compliant materials with Cal Recycle approved labels. On Aluminum cans, look for the CA CRV text on the top of the can.  For plastic and glass bottles, look for the CA CRV text on the label.  You can also find a more complete description of CA CRV eligible containers on the CalRecycle website: https://www2.calrecycle.ca.gov/Publications/Download/1408 . During the Mars Sweet Rewards Challenge, Olyns is also accepting hard plastic candy and gum containers.

Is there a limit to how many containers I can deposit?

We accept a maximum of 50 CA-CRV containers by type per day. During the Mars Sweet Rewards Challenge, Olyns is also accepting unlimited hard plastic candy and gum containers.

Can I deposit crushed  CA-CRV containers (aluminum or plastic) into the Olyns Cube? 

The Olyns Cube does NOT accept crushed containers as they often get jammed inside the Cube.

Why does the Olyns Cube sometimes show me the message: "Please drop off at customer service desk"?

Because there are certain types of beverage containers that the Olyns Cubes cannot yet accept.  These include beverage cans made out of bimetal ( 2 different kinds of metal) and very small probiotic beverage containers.

Why does the Olyns Cube sometimes show me the message: "That's Crushed Aluminum!" or "That's Crushed Plastic!"

Because crushed containers might get jammed inside the Olyns Cube. Please recycle only uncrushed beverage containers.

Why does the Olyns Cube sometimes show me this message: "That has no label!"

Olyns can only recycle beverage containers that display a Cal Recycle approved label:






If the Olyns Cube does not detect a Cal Recycle approved label on the deposited beverage container, it cannot be accepted for recycling at Olyns.

How do I delete my Olyns account and all of my associated data?

In the Olyns app, from the menu, go to Account > Delete, then tap "I want to delete my account".  All of your Olyns app data will be deleted. This action cannot be undone.

Mars Sweet Rewards Challenge FAQ 

How much prize money can I win when I deposit a hard plastic candy or gum container? 

Reward amounts are 10 cents, $5, $20, $50, and $100. Each time you deposit a hard plastic candy or gum container, you have a chance to win a cash reward.

How do I unlock a Sweet Rewards badge? 

Each virtual badge is unlocked by different achievements. You can view the criteria for each badge under “My Achievements” on the Olyns app. Simply tap on a question mark to see how to unlock the badge underneath. Once you meet the criteria, the badge will be unlocked and revealed on your screen. 

Can I deposit soft paper or plastic candy or gum wrappers into the Olyns Cube? 

The Cube only accepts HARD plastic candy and gum containers. If the wrapper is soft plastic that you can squish in your hand, the Cube won’t accept it. 

Can I only deposit Mars Wrigley candy and gum containers? 

You can deposit ANY brand of hard plastic candy or gum container. While Mars Wrigley is sponsoring the Sweet Rewards challenge, their goal is to recycle as much rigid plastic as possible, so they are accepting any brand of hard plastic candy and gum container.

I deposited a hard plastic candy container but the Cube rejected it. Why? 

In order to be accepted, a container has to be scanned and registered in the Olyns database. Candy and gum containers from most major brands have been scanned, but containers from unusual or less popular brands may not yet be in our database. As time goes on, our database will grow, and we’ll be able to accept more and more different kinds of candy and gum container.

If I win, how do I get my cash reward? 

Cash rewards are automatically added to your Olyns account. Your updated total balance is displayed in the Olyns app under “My Balance”, which you can cash out anytime through Paypal.

Does the Olyns app show how many candy and gum containers I have deposited? 

Candy and gum container deposits are automatically added to your total deposit count in “Deposit Summary” under “My Activity” in the Olyns app. Glass, plastic, and aluminum CRV containers and candy/gum containers are all added together to make your total “Deposit Summary”. You cannot view your deposits by specific type of container.

How many Sweet Rewards Challenge badges are there? 

There are 10 badges. You can view the badges under “My Achievements” on the Olyns app. 

Some Olyns badges are unlocked based on the number of candy containers deposited, but the Olyns app doesn’t show me how many candy containers I’ve deposited. How will I know when I have enough deposits to unlock a badge? 

Olyns is keeping track of how many candy containers you deposit behind the scenes; when you meet the criteria to unlock a badge it will automatically become visible under “My Achievements” on your Olyns app. 

Can I deposit round or egg shaped plastic containers? 

The Cube is not capable of accepting round or egg-shaped containers. 

Is there a list of all candy and gum containers that the Cube accepts? 

Coming soon - we're working on it.

Is there a limit to how many candy and gum containers I can deposit in the Cube each day? 

Unlike CA-CRV containers, where we accept a maximum of 50 containers per day per account, there is no daily limit to the number of hard plastic candy and gum containers you can deposit each day during the Mars Sweet Rewards Challenge.