About Olyns

Olyns engineers technology-centric recycling solutions, helping to meet the demand for recycled plastic (RPET) and accelerate the shift to a circular plastics economy with a new model for recycling that solves the critical issues of access, incentive, revenue, and labor. Olyns recycling platform includes an elegant bottle collection machine designed for high-traffic, indoor locations, and a gamified mobile app to provide bottle refunds, rewards, an environmental impact dashboard, and a community leaderboard. Olyns machines are designed to be eye-catching, clean and odorless, and double as a media platform for advertisers. Each machine has a 65-inch, full-motion HD video screen that serves as a powerful advertising platform for brands, and gig workers use the Olyns app to support the collection and transportation of deposited materials from machines to recycling facilities. There are more than 140,000 indoor locations where Olyns machines could be installed in the U.S. alone. Olyns machines are well suited to any high traffic location where consumers purchase, drink and discard their beverage containers including malls, service stations, transportation hubs, cinemas, stadiums and corporate campuses.