Our Story

When we learned that 90% of plastic NEVER gets recycled, we decided to do something about it.

We set out to rethink recycling - to fix the broken system and reduce the plastic waste that's polluting our rivers and oceans, hurting our wildlife, and contributing to the climate crisis.

We built Olyns to change people's perception of recycling. To help them see that an empty container is a valuable resource, not a piece of trash. The Olyns Cube is a fresh, modern, sparkling, beauty of a machine that uses AI to make recycling efficient and convenient.

We're putting our Cubes in places people already visit, like grocery stores, shopping malls, gas stations and stadiums, so people don't have to go out of their way to recycle.

We're giving people cash and rewards for their containers and the assurance that what they deposit will actually be recycled. Because our AI-enabled Cubes only accept clean containers and sort them at the point of deposit, we're able to put over 99% of deposited containers on the path to become recycled containers.

Our Cubes have large screens and double as a retail advertising platform. The revenue from these ads helps pay for our recycling services. Brands want their customers to know that they value sustainability, and a good way to do this is by connecting their brand with the physical action of recycling. There is an undeniable halo effect to being being aligned with a platform that is accelerating the shift to a circular plastics economy. It's the opposite of greenwashing.

The way we see it, everybody wins: people get convenient access to recycling, cash for their containers, and the assurance that their containers are actually being recycled; Site Partners get a low cost, turnkey solution to meet their legal recycling obligations; Brands get to engage effectively with their customers near the point of purchase, and the opportunity to help close the loop on plastics recycling.

But most importantly, we reduce plastic pollution, our planet gets a little healthier, and we move one step closer to a zero-waste future.

The Olyns Team