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Plastic Waste Reduction Sparks Innovation in Retail

The use of plastics gains importance with all types of retailers as they search for new recycling methods to lessen their environmental impact.....Another strategy to reduce a retailer’s plastic impact on the environment is to install reverse vending solutions for customers. These recycling machines are ideal in any high-traffic location where consumers purchase, drink from or discard beverage containers, like grocery stores. Campbell, Calif.-based provider Olyns designed its bottle collection machine to gather about 1.5 metric tons of recycled material per year. Olyns’ recycling cubes are also streamlined with a 65-inch full-motion video screen that doubles as a retail media channel.

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PepsiCo-backed touchless recycling machinery start-up secures investment for US expansion

Olyns, a US-based packaging recycling company, has raised US$1 million in a seed round to develop touchless recycling machines for installation in popular indoor facilities throughout the US and abroad. With the national recycling system reportedly unable to meet recycling demands, the company aims to extend consumer’s recycling options by using Olyns devices via a mobile app, which offers rewards. Each Olyns machine collects about 1.5 metric tons of recycled material per year, helping to reduce plastic waste and meet the 1 billion pound commercial demand for recycled PET. Earlier this year, PepsiCo partnered with Olyns to build a pilot program in one Bay Area Safeway store. “The program was successful and has expanded to include four Safeway stores: Milpitas, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and Cupertino.”

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The Olyns Bottle and Can Redemption Machine                                                          

Olyns, a Bay Area start-up, has engineered self-serve CRV-redemption machines which can be found in select Safeway stores in the Bay Area, including Milpitas. These machines will help to reduce plastic pollution and increase the amount of recycled PET, all the while providing a convenient way for people to recycle their cans and bottles for cash.

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High Tech In-Store Machine Incentivizes Recycling

Artificial intelligence (AI) and NFC-equipped machines testing at Safeway stores accept aluminum cans, PET and glass bottles. It was designed by an entrepreneur from Apple and an aerospace engineer. What if recycling of plastic, glass, and metal beverage containers was done at supermarket to make it convenient?  

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Olyns Engineers Develop Solution to Increase Recycling of Plastic

The Olyns bottle collection machine crushes and separates materials, uses AI-image recognition for dynamic deposit returns, and deploys touchless NFC login via the Olyns mobile app.... Uniquely, Olyns machines are serviced with the help of the gig economy whose members use the Olyns mobile app to receive "empty machine" alerts.....

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Olyns New Bottle Collection Machine

Olyns today announced the launch of its new bottle collection machine, designed for high-traffic, indoor locations. In an effort to increase recycling of plastics, the innovative solution provides a convenient way for consumers to redeem bottle deposits while earning rewards through a mobile app. The approach also helps break down barriers surrounding the collection.....

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Reverse Vending Machine That Pays Cash For Plastic

Olyns has launched what is technically a reverse vending machine that will make it easier (or more personally worthwhile) for consumers to recycle plastic. The elegant and convenient solution is aimed at helping to meet the 1 billion pounds of commercial demand for recycled plastic (rPET). I got to chat with the founder and CEO of Olyns, Philip Stanger, and he explained how it worked and how the company supports a gig economy (think Doordash and Uber Eats.).....

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High-Tech Machine Incentivizes Recycling

Who knew recycling could be so simple and look so sleek? It really should encourage people to recycle more. Such an elegant solution was engineered by Olyns, a leader in technology-centric recycling solutions, which announced July 28 the launch of its new bottle collection machine designed for high-traffic, indoor locations. To increase recycling of plastics, the innovative solution provides a convenient way for consumers to redeem bottle deposits while earning rewards through a mobile app.....

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Olyns to Launch Recycling Solution in Safeway Locations

Recycling is a task that seems simple enough for everyone to participate in, but unfortunately, it is estimated that 79 percent of plastic waste ends up in landfills. A startup called Olyns aims to increase the convenience and incentive to recycle through its new bottle collection machine that launched today.The Olyns machine can hold 1,000 plastic bottles, 850 aluminum cans, and 50 glass bottles. The company predicts that in a year, one machine can gather one and a half metric tons of recycled PET......

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Olyns offers recycling bins with a high-tech touch

If you imagined what a recycling machine from a former Apple Inc. executive and an aerospace engineer would look like, you would probably come up with something like Philip Stanger and John Buchowski of Olyns Inc. designed. Their recycling containers look something like an outsized iPhone, and there's an app for them.

There are three components. The first is the container cube, which gets placed where there is high consumer traffic. The second part is that you log into the machine with the Olyns app....The third part is sort of like DoorDash for recycling......

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