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Connect your brand with the action of recycling and show your customers you care about sustainability.

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Reach consumers minutes before they choose a brand

Did you know?

People usually recycle before they begin shopping.

Consumers spend 41 minutes on average shopping.

The communications power of the 65-inch screen is dramatic.

Reach your customers minutes before they make their buying decisions.

Did you know?

Upper income, millennials, and college-educated shoppers are more likely to buy sustainability-marketed products.

On-screen and in-store advertisements can highlight sustainability initiatives, new products, sale items & promotions.

Audience and campaign intelligence is provided for each screen.

There's a halo effect when you align with a sustainable media platform

We're helping close the loop on plastics recycling. Show your customers that you are too by sharing your brand's sustainability message on an Olyns Cube.

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