Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Recycle your rigid plastic candy containers for a chance to be sweetly rewarded!

What it is

A chance to win a cash reward and earn badges when you deposit a rigid plastic candy or gum container in an Olyns Cube.

What you can win

Surprising delights await when you play the Mars Sweet Rewards Challenge. Win up to $100 and earn fun badges when you recycle rigid plastic candy or gum containers. Recycling has never been so sweet!

Where to Play

The Mars Challenge can be played on Olyns Cubes at participating retailers. To find an Olyns Cube near you, download our Apple or Android app and select "Find Olyns" or go to www.olyns.com/users

How to Play

  1. At any Olyns Cube location, login to the Cube with the Olyns app or smartcard. (To learn how to use the Olyns app, see ‘How do I use the Olyns Cube’ in Olyns FAQ at www.olyns.com/faq)
  2. Once signed in, deposit any rigid plastic candy container into the Olyns Cube.
  3. An eligible container will start the game.
  4. Watch to see what 3 symbols it stops at. If 3 identical symbols appear in a row, you win!
  5. Winnings are added to your Olyns account. Your updated balance will display in your Olyns app.

About Mars

Mars Wrigley is the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints and fruity confections. At Mars, we want to contribute to a circular economy where packaging material never becomes waste. To address this issue, we are redesigning more than 12,000 packaging types across our diverse portfolio to fit with the recycling infrastructure that either exists today or is likely to exist in the near future, making it easier for consumers to reuse or recycle our packaging.

Not only this, but we are identifying additional channels for our packaging to make it into the recycling stream. That is why we have decided to partner with Olyns, who has found an exciting and innovative way to ensure that small, hard to recycle items make it back into the right end-of-life stream. We are confident that Olyns can increase access to recycling in places where it doesn’t currently exist, and ultimately increase recapture rates across the nation.

To learn more about Mars Incorporated’s Sustainable in a Generation Plan please visit: https://www.mars.com/sustainability-plan/healthy-planet/sustainable-packaging