Olyns Blog

New Feature: Real Time Recycling Cube Status

We updated the Olyns app map so it's easy to check the fill level of each recycling Cube in real time. Now you can see if the Olyns reverse vending machine is available before you bring your recycling to the store.


The color of the Olyns O works like a traffic signal:

  • Green: Open (Less than 80% full)
  • Orange: Open and filling up (80% - 99% full)
  • Red: Closed for maintenance (100% full)
  • Gray: Coming soon to this location.

Tap the Olyns O on the map for the Cube address and status. Because the fill level is updated every time someone makes a deposit, it's always up to date.  Let us know what you think of this new feature! Is it working for you? Do you like it? We welcome your feedback.