Olyns Press Release

Olyns Recycling Cube Featured at Super Bowl LVI in PepsiCo’s Trash Talk Activation

At the Lowe’s Super Bowl Experience at the Los Angeles Convention Center, attendees can experience Olyns reverse vending machines in action.

LOS ANGELES, February 10, 2021 - Olyns, a leader in technology-centric in-store consumer recycling solutions, will be featured this year in Pepsi’s Super Bowl activation called Trash Talk. Trash Talk will feature two Olyns reverse vending machines, and give visitors recycling education in addition to recyclable plastic and other materials to experience the magic of Olyns recycling Cubes for themselves.

Two Olyns reverse vending machines were featured at Super Bowl LVI in PepsiCo's Trash Talk Activation.  

To increase the recycling of plastics, Olyns reverse vending machines (RVM’s) provide a convenient way for consumers to redeem bottle deposits while earning rewards through a mobile app. The approach also helps break down barriers surrounding the collection and transportation of recyclables.  In 2021, PepsiCo partnered with Olyns to produce a pilot program that has expanded the presence of Olyns RVM Cubes to Safeways across the Bay Area. The Super Bowl activation kicks off Olyns’ planned expansion in California and other US states.  

Every year 86 percent of the world’s plastic is not recycled, the Olyns’ recycling platform will help meet the annual 1B pounds of commercial demand for recycled plastic (rPET). Each Olyns RVM Cube can collect about 2 metric tons of recycled material per year.

“Our partnership with PepsiCo has helped to expand access to recycling for consumers, reducing the  tons of plastic that end up in oceans and landfills,” said Philip Stanger, Co-Founder, and CEO of Olyns. “This is an exciting opportunity for consumers to interact with our technology and understand the importance of convenience and refunds to increase recycling. We are honored to be a part of this important mission with PepsiCo and the Lowe’s Super Bowl experience.”

The Olyns recycling platform includes an eye-catching bottle collection machine designed for high traffic indoor locations, and a mobile app to provide rewards, bottle deposit redemption (in bottle bill states), and an environmental impact dashboard. Operating at the nexus of consumer recycling and retail media, Olyns’ reverse vending machines are efficient, durable, and streamlined with a large 65-inch full-motion glass HD video screen that doubles as a retail media channel.

About Olyns

Olyns engineers tech-centric out-of-home recycling solutions, helping to meet the demand for recycled PET plastic (RPET) and accelerate the shift to a circular plastics economy with a new model for recycling that solves the critical issues of access, incentive, revenue, and labor. Olyns’ recycling platform includes an eye-catching bottle collection machine designed for high-traffic, indoor locations, and a gamified mobile app to provide bottle refunds, rewards, and an environmental impact dashboard. Olyns new approach provides consumers with convenience and incentives, store locations with new revenue and data-driven customer insights, brand advertisers with a precisely targeted retail media channel, and the environment with a scalable recycling model that can redirect millions of tons of plastic, glass, and aluminum from landfill and oceans into new products.